Female hygenic anionic pads from Silko -

the result of years of work from Japanese scientists, medics and desigers.

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you need
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Based on data from the World Health Organisation
%of women
in the world
suffer from various forms of gynecological diseases.
And approximately
%of these
are caused by use of low quality hygenic pads during the menstrual cycle and in everyday use.

A pads be in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Be soft and comfortable
  • Absorb quickly
  • Block leakage
  • Have a dry surface
  • Unrestict air flow
  • Be safe good microflora
  • Eliminate causes of smells
  • Protect from irritation and pruritus
  • Disallow growth of microorganisms
tick every
single point!

The "Silko" Pad lineup

The Silko Pad lineup allows you to choose the appropriate pad to your specific needs.

Night Silko Pads

This is not jaust a standart pad, this is a technological break-through in personal hygiene! Using the night pads from Silko tonight, you will wake up refreshed rested tomorrow!

Day Silko Pads

Designed for use during the day. Expertly eliminates growth of bacteria, helps to upkeep hygiene and freshness. Consists of 7 layers. Blocks leakage on the, front and back of the pad.

Everyday Silco Pads

Long have since passed the initial days of embrassement of an early menstrual cycle! These pads can be used everday as an effective defense against menstruation. They will help with discharge from ovulation. Channels with excellent absorbition capability your skin from moisture and irritation as well as your clothes!

Premium class Japansese brand!
Ordinary brands have
4 layers and use
recycled materials.
Anionic pads from Silko — use a 7-layer defense from natural materials of first hand treatment that guarantees protection and comfort.
This strong absorbent polymer has unique absorbition properties block fluids leakage.
This outer allows for breathing and ventilation while stopping the flow of fluid! It is another layer of protection from leakage.
These are thin line of adhesive glue.
This is thin soft 100% cotton. It absorbs twice as fast as regular brands.
This is a unique patented anionic layer with silver ions. It attains medicinal qualities that allow for it to effectively eliminate anaerobic bacteria, which is commonly responsible for female diseases.
This sterilized absorbent material is super-soft, cleansed cotton which wraps the absorbent and doesn't allow for leakage.
Ecological ingredients:

Anionic - Chip

This green strip —
is the Anionic insert.

It is created using nano-technology is patented in 160 countries around the world. Thanks to this tiny strip, Silko can be considered an innovator.

The anionic strip not only boosts vitals, but helps regain those that were expended.

How does an anionic work?

After many years of research, Chinese scientists created remedially-cleansing female hygienic pads whih in special layer, which produces negative ions. The anionic layer very effectively destroys bacteria, fungus and viruses that lead to various female inflammations and prevents their reappearance.

Most female diseases are caused by anaerobic bacteria (those that live without oxigen). When the anionic layer produces an ion flow, then the ionized oxygen neutralises the unwanted presence, eliminates inflammation, activates the enzymes and normalises the pH level.

What possible
«Side Effects»
can be observed as a result of using "Silko" Hygeine pads?*

  • Hightened Focus;
  • Bllod Pressure Normalisation;
  • Improved Metabolism;
  • Generally feel better during critical days;
  • Quicker healing of cuts and burns.

* In certain circumstanes pads are not to be used as a medicinal agent. The opinion of the article's author may differ from the opinion of the producer.

Female hygienic
pads «Silko»
-Future - today!

Women have begun to take care of their health with "Silko"

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